Here are some of the videogames on which I've worked:

Dead To Rights

Gordon Hookailo of GDH digital (http://gdhdigital.com) hired me to do sound design / sound FX and Foley
for the intro cinematic (FMV) for NAMCO's 'Dead To Rights' videogame.
As it happened, Gordon was scheduled to vacation in Fiji immediately following his mix,
so he asked me to be on call should anyone ask for any changes.
Well ... they did.  So I wound up remixing this.
It was mostly Gordon's mix ...
I just lowered the FX a bit and boosted the music as they requested,
and a little tweak here & there.

The Incredibles

I was shuttled up to LeapFrog in Emeryville, CA, to train as an 'Audio Lead' for this videogame.  This involved a few classes with LeapFrog training staff regarding the methods and PC programs they customarily used to create their games.  They had special protocol and tecniques for many aspects of game creation, including interesting ways of noting dialogue for recording such that words and phrases would be performed in specific ways.  Done properly, these words and phrases were recorded only once, then usedmultiple times in the game ... thus saving precious memory for higher res SFX and music.
I supervised, supervised the dialogue recording, edited and mastered the dialogue and most of the sound design/effects, supervised and coordinated the music.
A few perks on this gig:
I went to the Disney lot in Burbank to see a pre-release version of the Incredibles ..
with some pencil-test scenes.
I also visited Pixar in Emeryville ... Quite an amazing place!
Click on the picture above to learn more about the Leapster game.

Resistance 2

I recorded some of the Foley SFX for this videogame.

Medal Of Honor 4 (EA)
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Paul Menichini (Extreme Audio Design) hired me to edit dialog for EA's 'Medal Of Honor 4.'
Paul had done outstanding sound design for the Bionicle movies I supervised (see my Awards page) ... and in return hired me to work for him on several EA games and a few movies.
Many of you may not be aware that I have had extensive experience with dialogue ...
I was an ADR supervisor for Echo Sound for quite a while ... I worked on many films for them!  I have recorded a great deal of dialogue and ADR, including a lengthy spell at Nikelodeon which included many 'SpongeBob' episodes and a few 'Invader Zim' episodes.  While at Hacienda Post, I recorded dialogue for most of the 'Proud Family' episodes, and edited the dialogue and ADR for the 'SpongeBob Movie,' Universal Studio's 'Jimmy Neutron Blast' ride, Universal's 'Sitting Ducks' series, and videogames for 'Dexter's Laboratory' & 'The Power Puff Girls.'  For Pacifica Media, I edited production/dialogue for many sitcoms ... including 'Everbody Loves Raymond,' 'Girlfriends,' 'Kristin,' and 'The Trouble With Normal.'  They also had me supervising a film ('The Sculptress'), which included ADR supervision, recording and editing.  While at Horta Editorial, I often filled in on the dialogue/ADR stage ... including 'Hey! Arnold, the 'Family Guy Pilot' and many other projects.
Currently, I often record dialogue/ADR at Advantage Audio ... subbing for Gordon Suffield whenever he's on vacation or wrapped up in chief-technitian projects.
Advantage has also had me edit dialogue for a movie or two, also subbing for their dialogue editor Robbi Smith.

Fight Night 3 (EA)
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Paul Menichini (Extreme Audio Design) again hired me to edit dialog for EA's
'Fight Night Round 3.'
This time, Paul also asked me to edit SFX.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Dexter's Laboratory

I did just about everything on videogames for 7ate9/Bam! ...
supervised, edited dialogue & SFX, and mixed.

Mission Impossible

Again stepping in for Gordon Hookailo (GDH Digital)
I recorded the dialogue for the auditions.

Justice League Heroes

I edited and mastered the dialogue for this videogame.

"Friends: The One With All the Trivia"

I edited and mastered the dialogue for this videogame.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: ABC
(LeapFrog Telestory)

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: 123
(LeapFrog Telestory)

SpongeBob Telestories
(Jakks Pacific Toymax)

I edited and mastered the dialogue for these 'Telestories.'

'Over The Hedge' Mobisodes

I did a series of 'Over The Hedge mobisodes for RingTales ...
including SFX/dialogue editing, mixing & mastering.

Lost 'Missing Pieces' Mobisodes

I recorded the Foley for these Mobisodes

Terror Trax 'Track of the Vampire'

'First Quest'
'Red Steele: The Savage Coast'

Terror Trax 'Track of the Werewolf'

'Hail the Heroes'
'Ravenloft: A Light in the Belfry'
'Night of the Vampire'


'Mark of Amber'
'Red Steele: Savage Baronies'

Oh yes ... Back in the days when videogames were almost exclusively in arcades, Gordon Hookailo (http://gdhdigital.com) hired me to work on these 'Audio/CD Games' by Dungeons & Dragons manufacturor TSR.  I handled the sound design/editing, and shared the mixing duties with Gordon.  He would mix the dialogue, then I would mix the music, then we'd both mix the FX.  I supervised, spotted and mixed the Foley, and on some of these I supervised the recording of the dialogue. 
Most notable was Gordon's foresight regarding Pro Tools!  These were done when PT was in its infancy, and my AKAI DD1000 was far superior!  The DD1000 was portable (PT was fragile and could barely be moved!) and it did time expansion/compression far more gracefully than PT.  Yet Gordon saw the future ... the inevitable connection between audio post and the home computer.  I give him props for that!  He also had an 8-fader JL Cooper fader pack ... the first to interface with Pro Tools.  We took turns doing our respective mixing duties.  What a trip!

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