My Friends Tigger & Pooh



Hey Addie ... where you goin'?
Hey Pooh Bear, can we come too?
Every day we're together it's a brand new surprise
When you look at the world through Pooh Bear's eyes

Hey Tigger ... where's Piglet?
Let's get Eeyore and Kanga and Roo
Something tells me it's better when we're all together
Chasin' the clouds and the stars and the moon

Now there's a special place that children go
But grownups can come too
Can you make believe?
That's all it takes
For friends like me and you
And our friends Tigger & Pooh

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I've worked on Winnie the Pooh several times. (see 'Audio Post')
Recently, long-time friend Ed Wexler asked me to edit music for a new Disney pilot, 'My Friends Tigger & Pooh.' As I so often do (see 'Megas XLR'), I asked Ed what was going on with the music for the show ... specifically the theme. He said there was a lot of discussion about many demos already submitted, but as far as he knew
none had been selected yet.

Jeff and I decided to jump on it, and produced this magnificent theme song.
It's the first piece of music we did together, and we love it!

Well ... by the time we got our demo to Disney, word was that the execs were already battling over two other favorites. Since ours was 'unsolicited,' I don't think it ever got in the running. Reportedly, one of the others was chosen the day before we sent ours by email. To be honest ... it was well produced, but I didn't like it nearly as much as ours.

Meanwhile ...
I think this theme illustrates the quality of music that Jeff and I produce.
I'm very proud!