The Girl With The Golden Hair
* Featuring Chris Bennett *

Lyrics by Dee Alcott-Rodriguez, Music by Roy Braverman


I'm leaving here for good this time
There are no more reprieves ... there are no more reprieves
Tonight I'm off in an orange bug
Off to where friends become lovers in the crystal night

No, the girl with the golden hair won't be home anymore
She's said her last goodbye
She looks once more ... and walks out the door ...

I can't forget fields of daffodils
Or our first kiss in the summer rain
I remember crying with happiness
And tucked away dreams ... of holding you tight

But the girl with the golden hair won't be home anymore
You've hurt her once too often
So now she's walking out the door ...

Don't say that I don't love you
You just don't know how much ... how much I really do
But our lives change. And the meaning's wrong.
And we can't make it right. No, we can't make it right.

Now the stars have come ... there's a chill in the air
I've found what I've been looking for
So the girl with the golden hair won't be home anymore
You've hurt her once too often
She looks once more ... And walks out the door ...


Produced & Arranged By:
Roy Braverman
Recording Studios:
Westworld Recorders
Foz Studios
Recorded By:
Bob Schreiner
Roy Braverman
Barry 'Foz' Fasman
Mixing Studio:
Westworld Recorders
Mixed By:
Bob Schreiner
Roy Braverman
Roy Braverman
Keyboard Strings,
Cymbals, Belltree:
Barry 'Foz' Fasman
All Vocals:
Chris Bennett

The lyrics to this song were written by my first wife, Dee. I still have her original, handwritten lyrics. Quite a treasure. I enjoyed the challenge of putting her words to music. I altered a few words slightly to fit with the melody and such, but the big challenge was the overall structure. She wrote this in stanzas, all pretty much the same in meter, so there was no bridge or interlude. I decided not to mess with that. Instead, I made the third stanza soft and emotional ... which gave it the effect of a change in texture.

Another interesting note: I really don't know whom this song is about!
I think I was always afraid to find out. Perhaps someday I'll ask her.

This recording began as a live performance, with me playing piano and Chris Bennett singing. Chris, who indeed has golden hair, has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. She captured the essence of this song beautifully. Visit her website and you will become a fan too.

The final touch on this recording came from keyboardist/arranger Barry Fasman ('Foz'). When I need excellence in orchestral areas, I turn to monster talents like Foz. He did some wonderful touches with strings, cymbals and belltrees. Perfect. The 'Perry Mason' chord at the end ... that was my idea.
A bittersweet ending for the Girl With the Golden Hair.

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The Girl With The Golden Hair