Team America Supercrossers

Music by Roy Braverman

I wrote the Team America Supercrossers Theme when the cartoon show was barely an idea. Creator Michael Bryant loved it, and it became part of the pitch. Steven J. Cannell Productions optioned the show, which went into pre-production with renown CGI animator Bill Kroyer and his wife/partner Sue Kroyer. At some point ... the toy company involved was sold, the new toy company dropped their support, the show stopped and lawsuits began.
I hate when that happens too!

Later, I did several other projects for Michael Bryant ... TA2 and Ultra Rom were intended for the TA cartoon, there was a version of TA used for a motocross video, a motocross film 'Wire To Wire' (see link) and Michael's wife Maureen sang my lullabye 'Close Your Eyes.'


Team America Supercrossers - Vocals

Team America Supercrossers - Instr


Ultra Rom

All Produced, Arranged, Performed & Mixed By:
Roy Braverman
Team America Vocals:
Steve & Kathy Coon, Neal Lampert
Guitars on Wire To Wire:
Mark Karan
Vocal on Close Your Eyes:
Maureen Bryant

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