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The Peterson Family is often referred to as
'Minnesota's First Family of Music.'
There is a good reason why:
They are amongst the world's finest musicians!

Being from Minnesota and being so talented, most of the Petersons have had some musical interaction with Prince. But that's not even the tip of the iceberg ... Petersons have played with Steve Miller, John Mayer, Stevie Nicks, Kenny Loggins, Donny Osmond, Michael Bolton, David Sanborn ... the list goes on & on ... and they each have distinguished solo careers

Below you will find pictures, links and information about all things Peterson. I guarantee you will be entertained and delighted by them!

My introduction to the Petersons

A cellphone photo of
Billy & Ricky @ Chez Lewis

I met Billy & Ricky Peterson when my good friend Kenny Lewis asked me to record them at his studio in Santa Clarita. Kenny has played guitar in the Steve Miller Band for many years, and Billy is the bassist. Ricky was about to play a concert with David Sanborn in Santa Clarita, so Kenny and his wife Diane Steinberg Lewis invited the brothers to stay at their home for about a week. Included with the invitation was the opportunity to record in the peaceful studio nestled in Chez Lewis. I got the call to pilot the ship.

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'Old Folks' by Ricky Peterson

For three or four days, I had the pleasure of working and hanging with these very talented people (including Kenny & Diane!). We mostly worked on one song, 'Old Folks,' for Ricky. There was a good deal of pre-production ... working on the arrangement and some spectacular chord voicings on keyboard by Billy (credited as one of the worlds finest bassists, he's also an amazing pianist!). Then we did the midi and audio recording and editing, a fairly quick (but excellent) vocal, and a rough mix. Ricky has plans to revisit this recording, adding some other musicians and polishing up the vocals. With Ricky's permission, I've posted our rough mix of 'Old Folks' ...
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Subsequently, Ricky introduced me to his sister Patty ... another wonderful person and amazing singer and voice-over talent. As I write this, Patty is about to perform at a very special concert this evening. It's entitled 'Heart of The Matter ... A Peterson Family and Friends Concert benefitting the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.' As I understand it, last February, Patty's aorta suddenly burst. Oh my God! Who broke her heart? Thankfully and amazingly, she was able to call 911 and miraculously was rescued in time! Tonight celebrates her return to the stage
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Next in my personal Peterson Parade was Jason Peterson Delaire. When they both happened to be in LA, Patty brought Jason by to introduce us. He's another great guy and another great talent (something in the Peterson family genes!). Jason plays sax ... often playing with Michael Bolten and Donny Osmand, amongst others.

I've not yet met Jeanne Arland Peterson, 'matriarch of the Peterson Family.' As I write this, I'm listening to her beautiful music on MySpace ... go listen! Jeanne has a great deal to be proud of with her own outstanding musical career and the stellar accomplishments of her family.

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A little while ago, I almost placed one of Linda's songs in a movie. I asked her for some CDs ... and was pleased to receive a complete Linda Peterson collection! It's fabulous! Go to her MySpace and listen to her beautiful voice.

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I've had only a bit of email contact with St. Paul (so dubbed by Prince) ... His music is outstanding, his credits stellar, and he's a Peterson so he's cool in my book! Check out his MySpace too!

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There you have it ... truly a Parade of Petersons! No matter what your taste in music, you'll find much you will enjoy at the Peterson Family websites.

To wrap it up nicely ... Some of the Petersons own and operate a nightclub in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. If you're in the area, drop by for some excellent entertainment!

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