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Songs With Featured Vocals

Someone To Love For Christmas
featuring Rob Trow

Instrumental Songs

Here is a sampling of the music I produce as a recording artist.
It is comprised of myself
and everyone who is gracious enough to perform on my recordings.
My motivation has always been simple:
I want to play my music for people and ...
without feeling the need to say a word ...
just smile and love the music.
And the reactions.
So far, it's been wonderfully received!

Some of myy instrumentals are unusual in that they are songs ...
perhaps waiting to have lyrics and vocals someday.

 Please feel free to comment on my music!
I welcome your feelings, reactions and suggestions ...
positive or negative ...
just say it!

Speaking of which ...
Check out a song named 'Say It'
which I wrote with Michael Caruso years ago ...
it was a quarter-finalist in the American Song Festival:

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