Megas XLR (Cartoon Network TV Theme)
* Featuring Ragtime Revolutionaries *

Lyrics and Music by Tony Orozco, Roy Braverman, Tim Borquez, Mark Howlett

Living in Jersey
Fighting villians from afar
Ya gotta find first gear in your giant robot car

You dig giant robots!
I dig giant robots!
We dig giant robots!
Chicks dig giant robots!



Produced By:
Roy Braverman, Mark Howlett
Tim Borquez


Arranged By:
Tony Orozco, Roy Braverman,
Mark Howlett, Tim Borquez


Recording Studios:
Westworld Recorders (Van Nuys, CA)
Recorded By:
Bob Schreiner
Roy Braverman
Mixing Studio:
Hacienda Post (Burbank, CA)
Mixed By:
Mark Howlett
Ryan Krasnow
Payam Ayazi

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Tony Orozco

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'El Jeffe' & Ragtime Revolutionaries

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Megas creator George Krstic was thrilled to discover that I had worked on the original Voltron cartoon series, as well as Gobots and Transformers.
I supervised the Megas pilot (when it was called 'Lowbrow') and most of the first season. During an early spotting session, I asked George who was doing the music. At that time, it was all up for grabs ... and George said they hoped a punk band would be selected. I told him about co-worker Tony Orozco and his punk band, 'Ragtime Revolutionaries' ... and George gave us a shot.

Tony wrote most of the lyrics and music (Great job Tony!).
I spent considerable time working on it with him ... mostly egging him on to make changes and suggesting a little chord change here or bassline there.
Tim Borquez and Mark Howlett acted as 'overseers' in the writing process.

Tony sang the original (which I liked better!), but comments from Cartoon Network and Turner execs led to new vocals by mystery singer 'El Jeffe.'

Everyone loved it, and it indeed became the theme for the Megas XLR show. Nice!

Ragtime Revolutionaries has evolved into Deathwish Nine.
Here are links to their sites, and another to the Megas XLR site:

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