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As I started creating this page about Jeff, I soon realized that it was getting more elaborate than the stuff about me! He's done a lot! I've decided to be more brief ... but you can Google him and find out more.

Jeff Paris is one of the most amazing talents I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I can honestly say that about so many people I know and work with ... but please don't think I say this flippantly. He's a monster.

Jeff plays just about every instrument ...
keyboards, guitars, bass, mandolin, harmonica, accordian (you heard me ... got a problem with that?) ... and he's mastered the arts of recording, producing, sequencing, songwriting, and let's not forget singing.
I told you ... he's a monster!

Jeff has been in many bands. He's had recording deals with bands and as a solo artist. He's been a 'staff songwriter,' signed to publishing companies. He's written songs for other artists, and he's produced many recordings. He's played on many other artists' recordings. He's toured with many famous acts.
Other than that ... he hasn't done much. Sheesh!

Here are links to a couple of my favorite Jeff Paris songs:

My History With Jeff


I first met Jeff Paris in 1978, when I was working as a recording engineer at Westworld Recorders in Van Nuys. Westworld client Barry 'Foz' Fasman (see link below) was producing an album with Jeff's band Pieces, and brought his engineers with him to do some overdubs at Westworld. I was asked to assist them, to help them find their way around the studio. Subsequently, Foz took me with the band over to Redwing Sound in Tarzana ... where most of the album was recorded and mixed. I wound up working at Redwing too. To complete the thought, Jeff later reffered me to Molly Hansen, who hired me to work at Salty Dog Recording in Van Nuys. These guys were responsible for much of my early studio recording experience!

Also in the band Pieces were Kenny Lewis on bass and vocals (see more about Kenny at the link below), Larry Lingle on guitars and vocals, and Mike Lingle on drums and vocals. These guys sounded great, and they recorded a very fine album. I've seen some discussion of it on various websites ... Google 'em and check it out.

Jeff and I went our separate ways after that ... many years of doing many things (see 'My Musical History' to see what I was so busy doing).

Roy & Jeff Music

Sometime around 2003, I added Jeff to my F.riends O.f R.oy emails ... telling everybody what was going on in my life. What a genius networking idea on my part ... Jeff wrote back and we started chatting. Soon after, we got together and played music for each other, then started doing some music together.

Here are a few ditties we produced:



Sunset 3

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