Lyrics & Music by Roy Braverman


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Sometimes I hear the silence in the middle of the night
My intuition telling me that something isn't right
I hide beneath the covers from the darkness and the cold
I close my eyes and look inside and see me getting old
And I think about your love
And the way it used to be
And I wonder do you ever think of me
Then my intuition says to let it be
And I cry myself to sleep
I wake up looking for you in the emptiness I own
I feel you laying by me, yet I feel myself alone
A hundred million people and I only think of you
With all the power in me, there is nothing I can do
I can write another song
I can sing it loud and clear
And I know you'll never have the chance to hear
How I miss you more and more with every year
But I sing it anyway
A heart can only take so much before it has to die
But true love lives forever
So we'll never say goodbye


Performed, Produced, Recorded, and Mixed By:
Roy Braverman
Recording/Mixing Studio:
Chez Roy
Encino, CA


I've had some wonderful holidays, and I've had some terrible ones.
For a while, I had a few in a row that were miserably sad and depressing.  Then I decided to spend the holidays updating my websites, my IMDB credits, my music library, things which led me to reflect on the great times I've had in my life and the things I've done.  This made me feel great, and produced a 'slingshot' effect into the new year. I did this for a few years in a row, always feeling really good about myself and my life, and emerging with guns blazing as each new year began.
Well ... In early December of 2009, I was excitedly anticipating my egocentric holiday love fest ... but ...
One night this song started creeping into my head.
I began to get sad, and sentimental, and I started to miss my old love ...
and soon this song took over my holidays.
I wrote it in a few hours.  Recorded it the next day.  Played it a million times through the holidays.
In a strange way ... it hurt a lot, but I enjoyed it.
True love does indeed live forever,
and I'm glad to have known it and felt it in my lifetime.

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