I Hope You Do

Lyrics & Music by Roy Braverman
© 2014 Bravermania Music

I Hope You Do
(For Deborah & Adam)

You stand before us
And take a vow
And you assure us
She's with you now
Our faith is in you
She's in your hands
I hope you know … and understand

That we are with her
For all her life
And 'though we give her
To be your wife
Our love surrounds her
In all she'll do
I hope you know … I hope you do

I hope you'll love her
I hope you'll trust her
I hope you'll give her everything she needs
I hope you'll keep her always by your side
I hope she'll always be proud to be your bride

You stand together
Rings on your hands
For worse or for better
Woman and man
Your life before you
Begins anew
I hope you know how much she loves you
I hope you do


Produced & Arranged By:
Roy Braverman


Recording Studios:
Recorded at the Bravermania studio.
All Recorded By:
Roy Braverman
Mixing Studio:
Mixed in the Bravermania studio.
Mixed By:
Roy Braverman
All Instruments:
Roy Braverman
Performed On Keyboards
All Vocals:
Roy Braverman

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For some 25 years or so, my niece Deborah had asked me if I might ever write a song for her or about her.  I always answered that she might not be happy with a song that puts her personal life and our relationship on display for everyone to hear.  Songs have to be about something ... usually very personal ... and who knows what that might be?


When I learned of her engagement, I knew this was the time.

I had about ten months to work on it, and I started fairly early on ... Yet it turns out I did not write a song for her.  I wrote one for her fiance, Adam.  I made that a little funny twist ... after only an hour or two officially in the family, he gets a song and she doesn't ... but, of course, this song was certainly for her too.  When I began to write it, I thought 'What do I want to say?'  The answer came quickly:  I wanted to tell Adam how lucky he was to marry her, and even luckier to get her family in the deal.  And I wanted him to know that we love her, support her, and will always be there for her.

And I wanted to say to him:

'When you say "I do" ...

I Hope You Do.


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