The Big Switch

Somewhere in the excitement of recording our first album, I decided that pre-med and med schools were not what I wanted in my life. I had done research involving open-heart surgery on live dogs, other research at Jefferson Medical College and University of Pennsylvania ... and I thought it was fascinating. But ... the thought of all that agonizing college work leading to an overworked profession ... well, ok ...
I'll tell it like it was: I wanted to be a musician!

My parents freaked when I told them. They tried to talk me out of it, but I insisted. They still supported me in everything, but were not pleased. My grandmother (who taught me to play piano) always blamed herself for my leaving college.
It would be many years until they really understood (see 'C&T').

Meanwhile, the band started playing nightclubs around Philadelphia and New Jersey ... then a couple road trips to North Carolina ... and then a month at the Playboy Club in Chicago, playing in the lounge. Rick switched from bass to rhythm guitar, we added bass player Steve Eisenberg ... then off to the Miami Playboy Club for a month. After that, another month chasing bunnies at the Chicago club.
Sure was more fun than college.

The Chicago Playboy Club was in the Playboy building on Michigan Avenue. In their bulding was the home office of a major talent agency (I can't remember which one). The vice president of the agency loved our band, and asked us if we ever went to Los Angeles ... he said he'd call the VP there and have him put us to work. Our New York scene had fizzled some ... we had nothing else booked ... were half way across the country already ...
why not go to L.A.? ...

Eventually this link may play band live recordings.

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