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My senior year in high school, as well as the summer before, were spent in special programs at Hahnemann Medical College in downtown Philadelphia. It was only the second year of a new program ... technically we were all still registered to our native high schools, and returned there to graduate with our previous classmates. But instead of going to our high schools that year, we went to Hahnemann, where we had classes 2.5 days per week (consisting of college-like lectures from visiting college professors) and lab 2.5 days a week (various research labs ... mine was with the program's director, doing open-heart surgery on live dogs. Seriously!)

Well ... it was there I met a girl from Belmawr, N.J. ... Dee Alcott. I can honestly say that I felt the sparks immediately. She needed some time ... time for me to lose 35 pounds! Once I did, our romance began. And so did my songwriting. It was still primative, for quite some time, but I had lots of romantic and optimistic feelings to keep me going.

Through that year I wrote many songs for and about Dee. This continued through our college years, into our adult years, through our marriage, our divorce, and even beyond. She has, no doubt, been the subject of more of my music than any other person. Isn't she lucky!?

Dee went to the University of Michigan ... I went to Boston University. This led to some interesting shenanigans which produced a song which is loved by most of my family ... check out 'The College Years' ...

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