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In my opinion, many people don't understand what music producing is ...
including many producers!

For starters, the title of Producer means something different in films than it does in music. In films, it's the person (or people) who finance the production, and who have the power and connections to make things happen. In music the Producer is more like the film Director ... The primary function of the music producer is to orchestrate the most favorable circumstances for creating music. Sometimes the music producer also finances the recordings, and sometimes they also bring connections and power networking to the project.

Far too often ... and quite disturbingly ... a music producer is a frustrated musician or singer who is trying to live vicariously through the artist. Sometimes people with no musical talent or experience try to get close to the art by 'producing.'

My belief is simple and pure:
Find musical artists who are amazing talents and let them do what they do!
If you have to reinvent them, something is not right!
I employ this philosophy when working with studio musicians and singers too. They always ask me what I want, and my answer is always this:
'I'd like you to imagine that this is your recording, and do what you feel.'
Who am I to tell these tremendous talents how to play and sing? Having had the good fortune of knowing world class talents, I'm never disappointed.

My History Producing

It's quite hard to say exactly when one begins producing music.
It starts with a lifetime love of music, years of listening, practicing, observing, learning ... one brings their entire musical history to the producer's position.

As a recording artist, studio musician and recording engineer I've been fortunate to work with many talented producers over the years. They always allowed me to express myself and to experiment ... resulting in the cultivation of my production skills. Perhaps more importantly, I learned very early that great musicians, singers and producers can generate junk if conditions are not optimal.
Conversely, mediocre talent can generate amazing recordings if everything happens in the best way possible.

Perhaps the most fortunate opportunity I had to learn producing arose from my employment as a recording engineer. I negotiated deals with studios so that I could spend a great deal of time playing, learning and honing my producer skills.

While I'm very proud of my productions, and people always seem to like them, I took a lengthy detour into TV and film audio post production ... so my career as a music producer went to the back burner. I hate when that happens!
Around Y2K I decided to steer the ship back on course!

Even during all the TV & film activity, I've produced several singers, a band or two, a few jazz-rock fusion albums, a nice assortment of my own music, a TV cartoon show theme, TV/film cues, and a bunch of national TV and radio ads.

Here are some links to some of my music prouctions:

Current Producing Projects

I've been 'in development' with several recording artists as of late.
I've also been asked to produce several others. Stay tuned for details.
I also continue to produce my own recordings.

I'm always looking for new artists to produce.
Feel free to click the contact link and send me an email!

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