Songwriting is another one of those hard-to-define endeavors.
We all have (or have heard) war stories about people who thought they wrote songs with us ... just because they walked in during the process and said 'maybe you should change it from he to she.'
Then there are those studio owners who invite you over to jam ... and then claim they wrote the material.
It's sometimes rather nebulous.

I remember trying to write songs when I was about 8.
I guess I came up with a few 'gems' back then. I didn't really write any that were worth mentioning until I fell in love with my future wife Dee, around age 16. I subsequently wrote many songs for her (see the link below).

My first recorded original songs were included in my first album experience (see 'Sunrise' link below). I was invited in as keyboardist in that group experience, and producer Joe Venneri (original member of The Tokens) took a liking to some of my songs ... including the single from our album, "I Got The Feelin'"

The band eventually loaded up the truck and moved to Berverleee ... where we rented a 'band house' in Los Angeles which came with an upright piano in the living room. Singer-songwriter Michael Caruso (see link below) and I tried an experiment: We agreed to meet at the piano every day for about two weeks ... as though we had a songwriting job ... and churned out a couple dozen songs.
Many of them were junk, but a few were quite special. Some made it onto our RCA album (see the 'Serenade' link below). It was a fun and fruitful experience.

Michael and I had our song 'Say It' place as a quarterfinalist in the American Song Festival (see link). I must confess ... we had an offer to have it covered by the Neville Brothers ... and I screwed up the deal. Oops! Some bad advice from an attorney ...
I've learned my lesson!

I've since had a couple songs ('In The Beat Of A Heart' and 'Love One More Time') receive 'Honorable Mention' in the Billboard Song Festival. 'Love One More Time' has also appeard on Brodjam's Top Ten Country charts several times (a music hosting website).

I've written many songs, both solo and collaborative. I enjoy writing with other people. It makes me 'stretch' and do things musically that I wouldn't think of otherwise. I welcome the possibility of meeting and writing with new songwriters. Let's rock!

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