My folks buy another piano

My Mom and I tricked my Dad into buying our first piano around 1959 ... an old upright for $50. My Mom passed away in the early 90's ... my Dad in the late 90's.
(Click the link below to read the lyrics for the song I wrote about my parents being gone.)

When my Dad passed, I received a small inheritance. I happened to be quite financially secure at the time ... so I decided to buy a Yamaha G2 grand piano. My parents bought my first piano ... and my latest.

I also decided to resume recording and producing music. I had taken a long side trip into audio post production ... a distinguished, profitable, enjoyable side trip ... but I had wandered away from my musical center. This was an excellent time to swing back!

I was very excited with the new recordings, and people were always responding very well to them ... so I have continued to record new music at every opportunity. I will not wander from music again!

While working at Hacienda Post, I had also done work for (then sister company) Echo Sound. At Echo's Christmas party, a few years ago, they had a jam session ... I sat in on keyboards. There were a lot of people there who knew me, yet had no idea that I play. The first song was a simple blues jam ... someone told me to take an organ solo ... the room erupted! People were screaming my name for two hours ... so I couldn't resist hamming it up. Shortly after that, Echo's head of sales Matt Preble asked me to join his band. I was ready to play in front of people again ... and continue to play gigs, mostly just to have some fun.

So everything's back on track:
I'm writing, playing, performing, producing, editing ... and making overtures into the realms of publishing, A&R, music supervision ... anything and everything musical. To see what I'm up to lately, and what I have planned for the future ... click on 'Musical Endeavors.'

Eventually, Lyric to 'I Can't Believe You're Gone.'

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