Atmospheres & Studio 56

Around 1980, I was splitting my time between my two companies:

Atmospheres was a music production partnership with Steve Zuckerman & Richard Delvy. We did a nice assortment of music jobs, including a Honda spot where I played Jingle Bells with a bunch of different Honda bikes I recorded. To hear samples of Atmospheres music, click the link below.

Exploding Bunny Productions was my audio post production company (I split hares!). I was doing post for Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing Duck. It was here that I started music editing for TV and film. Check this out:

I was told by Sara Duran at Disney TV Animation that if I could secure Ed Barton to edit music, Elen Orson to edit picture and me to edit sound effects and mix ... she'd give me all the shows I could handle. I did. She did. And Exploding Bunny was born.

I arranged to run my business out of Studio 56 in Hollywood. After a week or two, everybody was complaining about music editor Ed's pipe smoking ... and so he left to do a film at Sony. I had to learn how to edit music. Fast.

Here's the cool part:
Sara came over to meet with me, and asked to hear some of the edited music. Without telling her I did it, I played some for her. She said: 'Ed is the greatest music editor! I'm so glad he's back on the show!' Then I told her I did it. And I've edited music for many shows since.

Everything seemed to be going well ... but the workload was beginning to pile up on me ... I was editing sound effects and music, supervising all the mixes, supervising dialog and picture editors, running the Exploding Bunny business ... and participating in all the Atmospheres endeavors. I also was doing music sessions with Paul at Studio 56 (click the link below), and even took on a couple of films with him. Oh yeah ... I was also running long distance ... did my first and only marathon in 1991.

Well ... friction was emerging at Atmospheres over a major music job. It broke up the partnership. I was becoming exhausted, and this was likely the beginning of my Chronic Fatigue. I needed to change things ... so I went to work for Horta Editorial where I had less pressure and responsibilities. While at Horta, I continued editing music whenever the chance arose. This contined later with Hacienda Post. Click the link below to learn more about my music editing experience.

The next big event in my musical history: My Father's death ...

Eventually this link will play Atmospheres music.

Eventually this link will play Studio 56 music.

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