Music Buys My First House

I would do sound effects work for Warren Dewey at his home studio in Silverlake, starting at 10PM (see 'Audio Post History'). As I arrived one night, Warren showed me a Foster Farms commercial which was stumping him. It was about a couple old women trying to hide their secret recipe. His sound effects were complete, yet the spot left him flat. As he and Molly went off to dinner, he asked me to 'try to come up with something interesting.'

We had talked about perhaps doing some music someday (Warren had engineered many big acts and hit records, and had recorded me with my band on RCA). I looked at the spot ... thought about what to do ... then whipped up a string quartet score that seemed to work very well. Upon his return, Warren was surprised that I did music rather than sound effects ... but liked it! So did the client. So it began ...

While I also did a lot of sound effects and audio post at Warren Dewey Sound Design, Warren and I also continued doing music (mostly for TV commercials) for quite a few years. We did a great number of national spots. One debuted on the Super Bowl. Click the link below to hear samples of music I did with Warren.

This spurt of musical success did indeed enable me to buy my first house. Shortly after I did, I departed to form two companies of my own: Atmospheres (a music production partnership with Steve Zuckerman & Richard Delvy) and Exploding Bunny Productions (an audio post production company, in limited partnership with Paul Schwartz and Studio 56).

Eventually this link will play music produced with Warren Dewey.

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