Into TV & Films

Through my studio endeavors, I had the opportunity to play on numerous TV commercials, radio spots, TV shows and movies. I also had the chance to record for all these media ... sometimes 30-piece orchestras!

Somewhere in this era, I met producer Ben Hurst at Westworld Recorders. Ben hired me to compose and perform music for several ad campaigns at J. Walter Thompson. In 1987 we won a Silver Microphone Award: National Winner for our McDonnel Douglas Astronautics Ad campaign. My first music award!
(Click on the link below to hear a sample of the McDonnel Douglas spots)

I believe I met Singer Rob Trow while working with Ben. I don't remember exactly, but that must be how we met. I became very impressed with Rob's singing and voice-over talents. We've done many commercials and projects over the years ... but best of all, he sings so many of my own recordings. He's a tremendous talent and brings my music to life!
(Click on the link below to hear a sample of Rob's music and voice work)

I met Steve Zuckerman at Salty Dog Recorders ... first as his second engineer, then a hodgepodge of seconding and playing keyboards. Eventually I would also engineer for him when his usual engineer, Corey Bailey, was not available. With Steve I worked on a massive number of projects covering just about everything immaginable ... including projects for Epcot, a Winnie the Pooh move, all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy ads, and so many, many more. I became part of his regular work force ... along with Neal Lampert (bass, guitar, vocals and just about everything else), Bobby Alpert (also keyboards), Mark Turpin (drums), Steve & Kathy Coon (vocals), Jon Kip (woodsinds) and later ... guitarist Tim Pierce. All of these people are scary, monster talents.
(Click on the link below to hear a sample of Steve Zuckerman music)

At some point ... another phone call changed my life:

Unknown to me, Warren Dewey (who engineered my band 'Serenade' for RCA) met and married Molly Hansen (who hired me to work at Salty Dog). I hadn't seen either of them for a few years. Warren was a true pioneer in the field of Sound Design. He was (along with Bill Koepnick and Joel Vallentine) one of six people to receive the first working Emu Emulator II samplers. Warren began using it to do sound effects for cartoons, and soon had more work than he could handle. One night at dinner, he asked Molly: 'Who do we know who is a recording engineer and a keyboard player?' Molly came up with my name ... Warren said 'Hey ... I recorded his band!' ... and then he tracked me down and hired me. You can read about this impactful event by clicking on the 'Audio Post' link, then 'Audio Post History.'

This eventually led to another excellent musical opportunity ....

Eventually this link will play the McDonnel-Douglas spot.

Eventually this link will play Rob Trow music.

Eventually this will link to Steve Zuckerman music.

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