Michael Caruso


Michael Caruso (seated)
Receiving the BMI 'Million-Air Award' for "Love Is"

Michael Caruso and I met in New York while I was recording my first album with Sunrise. Michael was a guest of band founder Rick Rydell, and was soon in the band. We played a million nightclubs together, drove across country twice in rickety trucks, were signed to managers and record labels together, and did a lot of songwriting together!

Our first songwriter adventures were somewhat naive, yet produced results ... We simply hopped on the train from Philly to New York, slept on friends' floors, and roamed the streets of Manhattan with a guitar ... braving our way into anyone's office we could, and playing our songs live for anyone who would listen. Ha! No guts, no glory!

We managed to interest a few music biz people ... Mercury Records invited us to do some demos in their NY studios ... we met a publisher who later offered to have our song 'Say It' recorded by the Neville Brothers ... a few others. Michael and I also played a few small clubs in Manhattan, just for fun.

When our band landed in L.A. and rented a house with a piano, Michael and I played 'grown up songwriters' and wrote songs every day for a few weeks ... as though it was our job. We wrote a bunch of songs ... a few of which were quite good!

Michael later realized that dream ... he has been signed to several songwriting/publishing deals. Good for him! The first significant 'cover' I recall for Michael was Joan Jett's recording of 'Long Live The Night' (co-written by Joan Jett & Randy Cantor), which appeared in the movie 'Days Of Thunder.' Perhaps more notable was 'Love Is' (co-written with John Keller & Tonio K.) recorded by Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight.
It's been a while since I wrote the above ...
And in recent time, Michael and I have begun a new and exciting musical exploration.
I had allowed TV and film audio post-production to consume most of my time and creative energy for many years.  In 2006, Michael and I began recording again in my Encino studio. We quickly agreed to do our recordings for the pure love of the music ... to simply live our lives as musicians.  No thoughts about record deals, charts or 'hits,' fame or fortune.  It was, and is, all about the joy of music.  The result has been stunning.  We've become closer than ever ... remarkable when you consider how we traversed the country several times together piled in the back of band tracks. 
Check out Michael's music by clicking on any picture on this page to visit Michael's MySpace page. Click on the links below to hear some of the songs Michael has written with me and others.  More coming soon!

Songs by Roy Braverman & Michael Caruso

The Serenade Album
click here for the entire album

All songs on the Serenade Album were written or co-written by Michael Caruso.
He was the lead singer in the band and on all of these recordings.
Here are the ones I wrote with Michael:

Songs by Michael Caruso & with others

A smattering of Michael Caruso pictures from over the years.
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Michael (center) with Ruth McCartney & Tim Drury
Judges at the 2007 Winery Music Awards

Michael's Serenade promo shot

Michael & me
performing at Kulak's

Michael at the guitar

Michael at the Grand Canyon

Michael at the piano
Canoga Park

Michael & me
An ancient Sunrise promo

Tic ... Tock ... Tic ... Tock ----->

Michael & me, Judges at
the Winery Music Awards

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