Bravermania, Inc now has a specialized site dedicated to music and audio services!  Click the Bravermania logo above for details about everything Bravermania does, the services we provide, the associates who work with us, and much more!
Also enjoy browsing around this 'classic' Bravermania site ... where you'll find many fascinating and entertaining pages about Roy Braverman, his career and credits, his music, his friends, family, and associates!

Bravermania encompases everything imaginable
in the world of audio, including:

Composing, Songwriting, Producing, Recording
Publishing, A&R, Music Supervision, Music Editing
Live Music Production, Live and Studio Music Mixing

Audio Post Production:
Supervising, Mixing, Sound Design, Live Sound Recording
Recording of Dialog / Music / Sound Effects / Foley
Editing of Dialog / Music / Sound Effects / Foley

On this website you will find information about me
... Roy Braverman ...
everything I do, everything I've done
and everything I hope to do in the future.
There are many samples of music and audio post ...
mostly my own, some of my associates' as well.

Welcome to Bravermania!

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Please note that this site is a work in progress.
Please check back often!!

I've tried to contact everyone involved before placing art/pictures/quotes/information on this website.
However ... some of it is used without permission.
If you see anything here that you feel should not be posted, please contact me and I will remove it.
Also, if you believe any content here to be untrue or inaccurate ... please let me know. Thanks.